We provide non-medical homecare services for older adults, seniors and people with medical conditions and disabilities. Under CDPAP/Home Care Program of the New York State Department of Health You can take care of your parents, Father in Law, Mother in Law , friends, Neighbor, Loved ones and get Paid. No Training Necessary & we do not charge any fee. We are affiliated with Immigrant Elder Home Care LLC.

We offer home care services whenever needed, be it daily, weekly, twenty four hours a day or even part time. Whether you are in need of round-the-Clock care or simply in search of a few hours of care giving support call us.

We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are here for you and prepared to accommodate your long-term or short-term needs at a caregiver. We personalize our services to meet the needs of those we serve and it is this level of service that contributes to the physical, psychological and social well being of all our clients.

We provide services in:

  • Nassau.
  • New York (Manhattan).
  • Queens.
  • Bronx.
  • Kings (Brooklyn).
  • Richmond.

Our Staff

We recruit year round and only accept the best, most experienced applicants.

Our friendly and professional team speaks English, Bangla, Spanish, Russian, French, Urdu, Hindi and Creole to accommodate the cultural needs of the communities we serve. An agency is only as good as its staff, particularly in the medical/homecare industry. At Expert Homecare NY. We engage the highest standards at skill, reliability and courteousness when selecting our staff. We are the proud of the team we’ve assembled: a group of gracious, caring professionals who more over client’s needs their top most priority.

All our caregivers receive ongoing direction, supervision and support. They are well prepares to cope with any situation that occurs under their care. Not only are they equipped to handle physical, mental and emotional challenges, but they are also familiar with the language and culture considerations of their particular patients.

To guarantee that our strict criteria is always met, we implement the following practices:

  • Reference Checks.
  • Background Clearance.
  • One-on-One Interviews.
  • Aptitude Assessment.
  • Criminal Background Check.
  • Abuse Registry Clearance.
  • Home Care Registry.


At Expert Homecare NY we will help enroll your family member or friend with Medicaid into a CDPAP that will allow you to become their caregiver.

Now you can choose who should care for you!

At Expert Homecare NY we will help enroll your family member or friend with Medicated into a CDPAP that will allow you to become their caregiver.


Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Services, also commonly known as CDPAP- Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program, are the same program. CDPAS/CDPAP is an alternative to traditional home care. It is a Medicaid program that enables self directing individuals or their administrators, to assume the responsibilities of their own care. CDPAS/CDPAP helps promote independent and Consumer Empowerment.

Benefits of the program include:

  • You the caregiver will be able to perform medical tasks.
  • No special training, licensing or certification is required.
  • It allows the consumer to train and direct their caregiver to their specific needs.
  • It gives the consumer the comfort of knowing and trusting the person caring for them.

    There are simple requirements to quality for this position:

    01. You must be able to legally work in the United States.

    02. You need to have taken a full physical examination with your doctor, including complete Lab result with the last year.

    How do I Apply?

    At Expert Homecare NYof New York, we will help enroll your family member with Medicaid into a CDPAP (Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program) that will allow you to become their caregiver.

    Schedule a free consultation from one of our CDPAP Specialists, at a time convenient for you to assist you and your loved one through the enrollment process.

    Hire a Caregiver you Trust

    Homecare agencies are prone to frequent turnover, and patients have (in some cases) even experienced abuse, neglect and betrayal. Medicaid’s CDPAP program aims to erase risk and worry by promising newfound peace of mind. Choose someone you fully trust and gain the stability and emotional comfort you need for total wellness.

    Live healthier and happier

    By appointing a loyal friend through CDPAP, you reclaim financial independence for the both of you. More importantly, your clinical outlook improves dramatically. When you’re familiar with your aide, everyone communicate more effectively, medical complications are caught earlier, hospital trips are minimized and health tragedies are avoided.

    Homecare CDPAP Expert Homecare NY

    A Licensed Home Care Agency

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