why choose us ?

Under CDPAP/Home Care Program of the New York State Department of Health You can take care of your parents, Father in Law, Mother in Law, friends, Neighbor, Loved ones and get Paid. No Training Necessary and we do not charge any fee.

Expert Home Care’s commitment to excellence begins with the pre-hiring process. We screen every employee with a background check, up-to-date physical and one-on-one interview. Our rigid application process allows us to be selective with our employee. To meet the unique needs of our culturally diverse clients. We employ numerous caregivers who are bilingual and are trained in the many diverse cultures we provide service to the office is open 5 days a week from 10.00 am – 8.00 pm.

Reason to Choose Us

·  We provide non-medical homecare services for older adults, seniors and people with medical conditions and disabilities.
·   We are available to serve you 24 hours a day seven days a week.
·   Fully licensed home care agency.
·   Our supervised nurses make sure that the home health aids have the most knowledge about the patients.
·   Multicultural multi language staff.
·   Constant meetings to improve our services.
·   Flexible hours for the aids.
·   Easy to get to our supervising nurse.
·   We are affiliated with Immigrant Elder Home Care LLC.


Signature care conducts ongoing Quality Assurance/Integrity monitoring of our caregivers and services against pre-established criteria and standards of excellence. This thorough monitoring process includes:
Tangible evidence of accountability to patients/clients, family members and the public, and validation that care is being as planned and required.
Client/family satisfaction surveys. It’s all part of our partnership in care: after all, we consider the patient an family part of our team.
Proven and demonstrated dedication and commitment through ongoing quality assurance and integrity monitoring of services, care givers and the overall program.

Our Quality

·   We Understand

·   Quality Service

·   In Home Support

·   Community Habilitation

We have provide best services

We provide Services in:

  • Nassau.
  • New York (Manhattan).
  • Queens.
  • Bronx.
  • Kings (Brooklyn).
  • Richmond.